The Belaz Monster Truck

Welcome to the world of excess! Belaz, a construction machine manufacturer from Belarus, presented last September the first copy of its 75710. Its dimensions and technical data are out of standard: 8 meters high, for 20 meters wide (see at 1:32 In the video), up to 4,600 horsepower delivered by two 16-cylinder diesel engines. Its cargo capacity can reach 450 tons, more than two blue whales, the largest animal in the world. In addition, it would be able to reach 60 km per hour.

In short, to this day, no truck surpasses this monster.

Image courtesy of Findadviser 

But what is the use of such a device?

This dump truck will soon be heading Russia for testing. Its destination will be the industrial-mining complex of Kuzbass, home to one of the largest coal deposits in the world, located in Western Siberia. Its playground will be an open-pit mine, the preferred terrain of these vehicles of all superlatives.

Open pit mining is carried out when a deposit is near the surface. The largest farms are in Australia, North America or South Africa. The technique consists of successively digging layers of rock directly from the ground. Little by little, the site where the mine is located takes the form of a gigantic cavity, bordered by a spiral road, so that vehicles can circulate. Concretely, “digging” is done by blasting. Enormous mechanical shovels then load gear like the 75710 in rubble and minerals. The load is then sorted.



Many NGOs have denounced and continue to condemn the use of highly toxic chemicals, such as cyanide, in this type of operation and the damage to the natural environment where mines are located. For their part, the industry has always indicated that the environmental risks are much lower than in the case of a conventional mine. For them, “open-pits” are also much more profitable. This race to gigantism regarding the equipment is therefore intimately linked to profitability. The higher the truck payload, the greater the productivity.



Titans of the mines

The competition on this rather sharp market is real and fierce. The American Caterpillar offers its range 797 since 1998. Its latest evolution, model “F”, offers a loading capacity of almost 400 tons. Since 2004, the German firm Liebherr has marketed a similar truck. The T283, in its latest evolution, is also capable of charging 400 tons

These “toys” cost, in the unit, between 2 and 3.5 million euros. A last detail that has its importance: the tires of these machines have a diameter of more than four meters! But the Belarusian does better in all areas.


Belaz said it had contacted the Guinness Book of Records to record its “offspring” and make it, in fact, the largest truck in the world.